What is International Mobilization?

In addition to our US mobilization ministry, Launch Global also has international teams that work to equip and mobilize local churches in a number of countries outside the US. Our hope is that as the church is mobilized in each of these places, they will see a multiplying impact among the lost. We believe there is much potential to reach unreached people groups, by mobilizing the church worldwide.

With over 7,000 unreached people groups remaining, the missional task of the Church will require the involvement of the global body of Christ. LG’s international teams are working to mobilize the church in two key ways:



Launch Global has international teams in strategic locations within the 10/40 window. These teams partner with local churches who live in close proximity to UPGs. These local brothers and sisters often have a heart and a vision to see new churches planted in their village, province, and country, but have not felt empowered or equipped to see healthy multiplication happen.

Launch Global international staff labor to equip and coach local church planting teams to study the Bible in groups, regularly share their faith, and start simple house churches with groups of new believers. We seek the Lord in prayer together, relying primarily on the Holy Spirit, not our strategy, to build the Church. We believe the work of mobilizing the body of Christ from these proximate people groups, to make disciples and plant churches among the unreached, is crucial for all peoples to hear the Gospel. See below for stories and testimonies of how we’ve seen God move through this ministry.

2. Mobilization to UPG (Unreached People Groups)

We praise God for His work to make disciples and multiply churches all over the world. In places where the church has been blessed with sizable numbers, and exceptional faith, we see that there is great potential to mobilize these brothers and sisters to be sent to places where there is little, if any, gospel presence. Launch Global has international teams who labor to raise up, equip, and deploy mature believers from these places to serve among UPGs.

These teams desire to see the global Church behold God’s glory as they discover their role in the great commission, develop in disciple making, and are deployed to unreached people groups to start church planting movements. See below for stories and testimonies of how we’ve seen God move through this ministry.

Stories and Testimonies