When: 2022
Summary: During swine fever outbreak, P Dong’s pigs lived while rest of village pigs died

P Dong is an illiterate pig farmer in a remote, mountainous province in northern Thailand. P Dong has worked in this profession his whole life. Many farmers in this area of Thailand raise and sell pigs for a living, so when news started to circulate in January 2022 about the African Swine Fever being in Thailand, all of the pig farmers in his province began to worry what would happen. African Swine Fever is a highly contagious viral disease of pigs, typically resulting in high mortality rates for the pigs infected. This was a big concern for all of the pig farmers.

When P Dong heard the news, he was concerned, but rather than giving into worry and fear, he started praying that Jesus would protect his pigs from contracting the swine fever. Unlike the majority of his neighbors, P Dong was a Christian. He knew God has authority over all things and that he had power to give protection to his pigs, his livelihood.

When this highly contagious African Swine Fever did show up in P Dong’s province, all of the pigs in his village died. All of them except P Dong’s pigs. Miraculously P Dong didn’t have a single loss on his pig farm. All of his neighbors and other pig farmers were amazed that P Dong’s pigs didn’t die. P Dong was able to use this answer to prayer to share with his friends and neighbors about Jesus, who cares even about pigs, and protected them from this disease.

Not only did God save P Dong’s livelihood by protecting his pigs, because of the African Swine Fever sweeping through Thailand, the price of pork rose significantly, meaning he was able to sell pigs for more than he ever has before. God provided for him abundantly. P Dong was amazed at this life changing answer to prayer. This experience filled him with an increased faith and joy in Jesus.