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If you’re passionate about sharing the truth of Christ with those who have no access to the Gospel, you’ve come to the right place. Launch Global will equip you with the skills, knowledge, and strength of character you’ll need for long-term success as a global worker.

  • Reaching the unreached.
  • Reaching the unreached.
  • Reaching the unreached.
  • Reaching the unreached.

9-month training groups

Our unique nine-month training model involves trainees living together in an apartment community. Training groups are offered in several locations across the U.S. from mid-August through early-May, and we work with you to find a location that considers your family, job opportunities, counseling needs, and more.

Life together during these nine months involves growing in your personal relationship with Jesus, participating in weekly group trainings, and practicing cross-cultural disciple making. Typically, this is done in addition to working a job or earning a degree. This life-on-life preparation is what sets our training apart and keeps Launch Global workers in the harvest field for good.

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How It Works

7 key areas of preparation


Step 1

Submit Form: Click “Get Started” in the navigation bar above and complete the inquiry form. Be sure to select your interest in “Nine-Month Training.”

Step 2

Meet a Mobilizer: A Launch Global mobilizer at one of our partner churches will reach out to you directly, get to know you, and answer all your questions about our training program.

Step 3

Get Trained: Once you’ve committed, we’ll work with you to determine a best-fit placement for your training. By mid-August, you’ll move into an apartment with your training group and make any necessary job or school arrangements through early-May.

Step 4

Get Placed: Launch Global will place you with a healthy team serving among unreached peoples with one of the many sending agencies we have sent through.

Step 5

Go: You’ll be sent to the nations confident and well-equipped for long-term success as a global worker.


Learn about your gifts, personality, and preferences and how they work together within your team.

Resolving Conflict

Develop strategies for having tough conversations, recognizing stress signals, and coming to a resolution quickly.

Building Character

Pursue holiness by practicing prayer and spiritual disciplines alongside an intentional community.

Church Planting and Multiplication

Learn practical tools to use on the field, the stages of church formation, and strategies for multiplication.

Developing a Ministry Plan

Form a plan for language-learning, acculturalization, and ministry opportunity investigation.

Agency Selection and Engagement

Receive coaching to help you choose an agency and team that aligns with your goals and strengths.

Full Partner Team Development

Be prepared to develop a team of stateside partners to meet both financial and other areas of need.

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Launch Global has trained and sent 340+ long term global workers to the nations. You’ll be prepared to develop a team of stateside partners—to meet both financial and other areas of need.


Our practical and proven training model increases the likelihood that global workers stay in the field by 50%.


73% of leaders trained through Launch Global’s nine month program stay in long-term overseas assignments.

Agencies we have sent through

And the list continues to grow.

Many people who have a heart for the unreached feel at a loss in terms of how to get there. They know they want to be overseas, but don’t have a clear pathway to the nations. We believe that Launch Global plays a strategic role in giving momentum and clarity to many on the path.

Joe G., Vice President of Mobilization for Pioneers

The leaders of Launch Global provide the best training in the world for Christians who want to make disciples among people of other cultures, if you want to move from good to great, get started with Launch Global.

Bob Blinco, President of Frontiers

The intentional and proven tools and training provided through Launch Global to our church body has increased our church’s heart for the lost world around them, and the lost world beyond them, helping us be more effective in sending people both locally and globally for the sake of the Great Commission.

Tory Mayo, Lead Pastor, The Well Church, Austin, TX

The Austin Stone Community Church and Launch Global partnership has flourished these first two years. From the beginning, our joint team has been characterized not only by a shared vision, but also by a shared experience of the sovereign grace and power of our Lord Jesus! Through our teamwork Christ is mobilizing an unprecedented number of His own to the unreached, having sent 31 just in this past year alone. It is no stretch to say that our joining forces is a powerful work of Christ

Kevin Peck, Lead Pastor, The Austin Stone Community Church, Austin, TX

“Launch has powerfully impacted our entire ministry. We have seen people come to Christ, and we have seen our students in Launch challenge and shape other students to effectively reach others, both here and beyond. Launch has been instrumental in our ministry by helping us become more missional in a variety of ways, and by simply becoming more effective in mobilizing our students and reaching others for Christ.”

Trace Hamiter, Minister to College Students, First Baptist Church, Opelika, AL

Launch Global’s stateside preparation for Redeemer Goers has proven to be an essential piece in the training process, producing healthy disciples that arrive in the field better equipped to live among the unreached. Additionally, Launch Global staff play a key role in discipling our church as a whole to effectively share the Gospel within our local community.

Dusty Thompson, Lead Pastor, Redeemer Church, Lubbock, TX

we know you have questions

What country would I go to?

How would I raise support?

What sending agency would I go with?

Launch Global mobilizers specialize in the details—answering all your questions and helping people like you (yes, you!) get to the nations. Start the conversation today.