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Launch Global is a bridge connecting local churches and their people with the unreached across the globe.

If you lead a church whose members are interested in overseas missions, but you’re not sure how to help make that happen, we can help.

In alignment with the Biblical example in Acts 13, we believe the church should own The Great Commission. That’s why Launch Global empowers your church with tools, resources, and a team of experts to equip your members for life on the mission field.

our partnership model

Launch Global keeps the Great Commission within the church.


When your church partners with Launch Global, a mobilization team is embedded in your church, functions as church staff, and plays an active role in the life of the congregation. This team is responsible for identifying, training, and connecting their fellow church members to unreached nations.

Get Started

How it

How it


Submit Form: Click “Get Started” in the navigation bar above and complete the inquiry form. Be sure to select your interest in “Church Partnership.”


Evaluate Fit: Launch Global will reach out to you directly and set up a time to meet. An introductory period begins, where your church and Launch Global evaluate partnership fit by confirming theological alignment, missional alignment, and congregational interest.

Step 3

Mobilizers Join Church Staff: Upon establishing a formal partnership, Launch Global will help identify and train up a mobilization team alongside your church.


Mobilizers Identify Trainees: This mobilization team will begin to identify globally intrigued members in your church through events, classes, and organic relationships.


Training Begins: Interested members will commit to Launch Global’s nine-month training program.

Benefits of partnership

comprehensive training

Relational Resources

Encouraged involvement

Global Connection


Community Impact

Further reach

Interested members are equipped through a proven process that simulates life overseas and prepared for the real challenges of the field.

You gain access to our connections with other sending churches, helping you identify more opportunities and best-fit teams for your globally intrigued members.

You continue to take a lead role in the equipping process, rather than delegating your members’ training to an agency.

You benefit from an equipping process that touches the broader church, helping train everyday members to become cross-cultural disciple makers.

There is no cost to partner with Launch Global, allowing your church to invest more freely in its mobilization team and future global workers.

As Launch Global excites your church about reaching the nations, we also renew your church’s passion for the lost in your local community.

Ultimately, partnership with Launch Global means you send more workers who stay in the field longer, which leads to successful and sustained multiplication for the Kingdom.

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