When: 2023
Summary: A man experienced freedom from addiction which led to his neighbor seeing a difference in his life and also coming to faith along with others in the village

Sam is a man that less than a year ago was incredibly addicted to alcohol. His body was being destroyed by his addiction and he said he felt like he would eventually die from it. He would play loud music day and night from his house and generally was a bad husband and member of his local community. Some believers from a church about 15 kilometers away started coming to his village and praying for him. His wife came to faith and she began begging the Lord to change her husband. On the very last time the church had planned to go and evangelize in his village Sam decided to follow Jesus and was freed from his addiction. They were the first believers in their village. Since then, another man in his late 70s noticed the change in his neighbor’s life and decided to follow Jesus too. His wife experienced physical healing through the prayers of the believers and has also come to faith. Now, there are 4-5 families who have come to faith in this village and in general there are many others interested. They are preparing to start a church in this village in the future. Sam is being actively developed as a leader. Praise God for still doing the simple, miraculous things–rescuing people, restoring families, giving hope and changing communities. Praise the Lord!